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Frequently Asked Questions

* How much is a chiropractic adjustment going to cost me?

      - The cost is different for each individual, dependent on what time of care you'll need and for how long. The best way to figure out prices is to have a chiropractic exam with a series of x-rays, at which the doctor can discuss your level of care needed as well as an estimated treatment plan.

*How many adjustments do I need?

     - Again, this is different for each individual person. We all have different stresses on our body that can cause spinal misalignment. Situations in which an additional stress is accumulated, such as a car accident or fall, can lengthen the amount of care needed to reach optimal health through chiropractic.

*What did I do to cause subluxations in my spine?

    -Subluxations can arise from stress: physical, chemical or emotional. Physical being the most common type of stress.

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